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BodyViz 101: Getting Started

This guide is a basic collection of information to help the new BodyViz user navigate within this unique resource.

BodyViz 101: Getting Started

Instructions for getting started with BodyViz.

We Heart Anatomy

BodyViz Modes

The blue Mode window in the lower left of the screen will display which mode you are currently using.

Different modes can be found by using the Triggers on the XBox controller.

Rotate through chosen mode selection by using the Bumpers on the XBox controller .

Frequently used BodyViz modes: 

  • Examiner
  • Clipping
  • Tissue Type
  • Color

Other available modes:

  • Measurement
  • Annotation
  • Free Camera
  • Trocar


Opening a Study

  • Check out a BodyViz kit from the circulation desk;  kit includes: XBox controller, Bluetooth receiver, and password
  • Connect Bluetooth receiver to computer, connect HDMI cable from monitor to computer, switch tv monitor to Laptop Setting using the monitor remote 
  • Using the mouse, open BodyViz from the initial computer screen: double click on icon 
  • Enter password
  • The study menu will load
  • Choose and open (double click) desired study from menu
  • The volume will load in Examiner Mode, Default tissue type, and Muscle and Bone color
  • You can now manipulate the image using the XBox controller​


  • Note there is a helpful XBox controller navigation guide on the right of screen and Mode selection box in lower left corner of screen 
  • XBox controller navigation guide will customize to whichever mode is used so you will always have on-screen help


  • Clear current study by clicking Studies tab then Close Studies 
  • Close current study before opening a new study
  • To open a new study:  click Studies tab then My Body Viz Studies OR using XBox controller: press Start button to the left of the On button


The XBox Controller


  • Computer with BodyViz software
  • XBox controller, Bluetooth receiver, and password: check out this kit from circulation desk
  • See laminated information pages for quick reference


  • Once a study is loaded choose desired view: axial, sagittal, or coronal 
  • Default tissue type and Muscle & Bone color is generally a good starting point for many studies
  • Explore other tissue types by changing to Tissue Type Mode (see box at left: BodyViz Modes)
  • Examine external body if available and note anatomical landmarks, symmetry, scars, trauma, and other clues  
  • It is recommended to run through all tissue types and colors along with clipping planes 
  • Think of Clipping Mode as a virtual knife to dissect the image without destroying the volume
  • Patient information, if available, can be accessed in the Tools menu tab 
  • A user manual and controller help can be accessed in the Help menu tab