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BodyViz 101: FAQ's

This guide is a basic collection of information to help the new BodyViz user navigate within this unique resource.


Questions?  Please feel free to contact us at, or             

Let us know if there are any problems with studies that do not load or render properly.




  • In coronal view the image is flipped: the heart points to the right and the liver is on the left.
    • In Examiner Mode press the green A button on the XBox controller; the image will flip.


  • The study loads with only a white or red screen visible.
    • Change to Tissue Type Mode and run through all tissue types.
    • If still cannot see an image:
      • Try zooming out and clip to middle of study
      • Run through tissue types and colors to bring study into view


  • How do I compare studies side by side?
    • Load one study from My BodyViz Studies tab  
    • Use left Stick to move first study to side, do not clear the first study
    • Go back into My BodyViz Studies and load second study
    • Using XBox controller Bumpers, switch between study volumes in Examiner Mode
    • Manipulate positioning with right and left Sticks on controller
    • Manipulate size with Directional Pad on controller
    • More than two studies can be compared at one time


  • When comparing studies side by side my tissue types do not match after loading.
    • Use Examiner Mode and XBox controller Bumpers to switch between multiple volumes
    • Tissue types and colors do not automatically adjust when adding multiple volumes
    • User must actively change tissue type and color for each volume when comparing 


  • How do I superimpose two studies?
    • Load the same study twice. 
    • Use XBox Bumpers to switch between study volumes in Examiner Mode
    • Manipulate images to the same size using the Directional Pad on XBox controller
    • Make tissue type, color, and clipping decisions for each image
    • Match one study over another by using the XBox left Directional Stick