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BodyViz 101: Clipping Mode

This guide is a basic collection of information to help the new BodyViz user navigate within this unique resource.

BodyViz 101: Clipping

Clipping Mode allows you to "dissect" the gross image without permanently destroying the volume.

How to Use Clipping Mode

  • Select and load chosen study
  • Choose axial, sagittal, or coronal view
  • Use XBox controller Triggers to choose Clipping Mode
  • The green plane indicates which view the clip will utilize
  • Use controller Bumpers to choose green clipping plane 
  • Once a plane decision is made: Press green A button on controller to create/save desired plane
  • A blue information box appears in right bottom corner of screen: Creating clipping plane
  • Use Directional Pad on controller to clip
  • Use left Stick on controller to clip at angles
  • Use right Stick to control movement of volume
  • Use Triggers to change and add clipping plane if desired
  • Once find intended image, save created image clip by pressing green A on controller
  • The blue information box in right bottom corner of screen now reads: Created clipping plane
  • Now can use Trigger to explore clipped image in other modes such as tissue type and color

Torso Clip

Examples of Clipping Mode


  • It may be helpful to clip through all views: axial, sagittal, and coronal
  • Use oblique (any angle, any direction) clipping planes to appreciate and isolate hard to see anatomy structures
  • Important structures may be missed if the initiative to clip with multiple views, tissue types, and colors is not considered
  • Clipping decisions are dependent on personal user goals

Varying Clips: Brain Tumor


In Clipping Mode:

  • Use Bumpers to find desired plane
  • Press A to choose plane
  • Use Directional Pad to clip 
  • Use left Stick to clip at angle
  • Press A to save clipped image


♦ Save the clipped image before leaving Clipping Mode otherwise image will revert back to original state


Chest Clip

Axial Thorax