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BodyViz 101: Home

This guide is a basic collection of information to help the new BodyViz user navigate within this unique resource.


Welcome to BodyViz. This beginner's guide will help launch you towards an intuitive and enriching 3D anatomy experience.

 Have fun and explore!



What is BodyViz?

BodyViz is an innovative 3-D digital resource that promotes a unique immersion experience with human anatomy.  BodyViz takes the 2-D slices of CT and MRI scans from real patients then stacks and formulates them into 3-D renderings of the human body.  These images can then be manipulated and tailored to the user's personal goals. 

Check out the BodyViz website at:


  • Think of BodyViz as a supplement to traditional anatomy resources such as atlases, models, lab, or other digital platforms
  • You can rotate, pan, zoom, isolate, and virtually dissect through tissue types; all without permanently destroying the 3-D volume
  • It can reinforce and solidify content and concepts taught in class
  • Useful for presentations, PowerPoint
  • Provides on demand access
  • iPads with BodyViz App available for library check-out 

Simulation & Emerging Technology Assoc. Physician Assistant

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